about us

Welcome to Peak Corporate Counsel. We are a business law firm which has redesigned legal services to make them individualized, efficient, and accessible. We focus on relationships and results, not the billable hour, so you can focus on what matters most to you: starting, growing, managing, diversifying, or selling your business.

In the ways that matter, we’re a very different law firm.


Running a business provides plenty of unwelcome surprises – for that reason, we offer flexible and fully transparent pricing structures, so you know the cost before you get the bill. You’ll also know how we spend our time on each project, and why.


Sometimes your business can’t wait – don’t let legal questions be the reason it slows down. We use technology to its fullest extent, so we’re able to respond to our clients’ needs according to their schedule.


We like it when clients ask us questions – it shows that they’re invested in the results they’re paying for. Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to call their lawyer because they fear a hefty bill afterwards. We want to change that. Our pricing models minimize the use of billable hours, and for many services, we offer a flat fee. When you order a project from Peak, you get attorneys who collaborate and work toward a common goal, not individuals who are interested in increasing their billed hours. Peak attorneys have no billable hour requirement, and never will.